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Browning Arms Company designs develops and manufactures firearm, bows, knives and various outdoor/hunting accessories.  The founder, John Browning developed groundbreaking designs for firearms; such as the M1911 pistol, the Browning .50 caliber machine gun, the Browning Automatic Rifle and the Browning Auto-5 semi-automatic shotgun.

Browning Arms Company produces a range of pistols.  The Browning Hi-Power Standard series and Hi-Power Mark II series are 9mm pistols.  They are designed to have perfect balance of handling, size and firepower.  The Buck Mark series are high quality, reliable, accurate rimfire pistols.  Browning provides a large variety of Buck Marks.  Browning Arms create the 1911-22 rimfire rifle.  It is seven-eights the size of its famous grandfather 1911.  It may be smaller but it looks and operation is pure 1911.  

Browning Arms’ shotguns are well known among hunters and competitor shooters.  The Maxus series are high performance, ultra-reliable auto-loading shotguns.  The Power Drive Gas System of the Browning Maxus the main reasons why this autoloader is the fastest shooting, softest recoiling, and most versatile and most reliable guns on the market. The Browning Cynergy series are technologically advanced over and under shotguns.  They have the lowest profile receiver of any 12 gauge over and under that reduces muzzle jump and perceived recoil.  The most popular Over and Under shotguns are the Browning Citori series.  They are incredible durable with supreme top performance.  The Browning BPS series are pump shotguns with rigid dual machine steel action bars.  They are known to be durable and dependable.  Browning’s A-bolt shotgun series have rifled barrel and premium trigger.  They have all the features that hunters desire in an A-Bolt rifle.  Trapshooters’s favorite Browning shotgun is the BT-99 series.  The series was designed for competitive trapshooting.  They are known for their simplicity, quality, consistent reliable performance and great value.  

Browning Arms offer a range rifles.  The Browning X-Bolt rifles and the A-Bolt rifles are known to be dependable and accurate bolt-action rifles.    The Browning BLR series are modern design lever-action rifles.  They have a great stock designs and finishes, a detachable box magazine, low profile adjustable sights and a wide, grooved trigger that travels with the lever to avoid pinching fingers and it's clear the Browning BLR is ready for any action.

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