At WASPcam™, we’re not like the other guys.

We understand that not everyone picking up an action-sports camera plans on producing full-length feature films or motion pictures.

Many will create professionally polished edits with a WASPcam, and we’re happy if they do, but the majority of users simply want to capture footage of their passion, wildest moments or biggest achievements, and instantly share those clips with friends and fans online—And they want it to be easy.

That’s our goal at WASPcam: building user-friendly, high-quality action-sport cameras that are simple and straightforward for pros AND amateurs alike.

And we strive to do it all at a much more affordable price.

Consider WASPcam for your action-sports camera video and photo needs. And when you do, please share your edits with our fans at Facebook.com/WaspCam. Go ahead PROVE IT!™

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