The most controversial new gun law in California focuses on ammunition.

Anyone who wants to buy a box of shells will be required to first undergo a background check.

"That dealer is going to for a lack of a better word register that ammunition to you," said Fire Line owner Jacob Belemjian. "By registering we are going to be obligated to inform the state of what you're buying, who you are, how much you're buying, the date you're buying it."

Belemjian says customers will have to pay a fee to cover the paperwork required by gun dealers.

So far the state has provided little information on the new program.

It takes effect July 1st of next year but Belemjian says he won't be surprised if the start date gets pushed back.

When it does begin he predicts there will be major online issues. "I don't know how many ammunition transactions there are on a daily basis in the state of California," said Belemjian. "But I do know the DRO system that California uses for gun registration every year on Black Friday does down. It crashes because it gets overloaded."

While the state documents what you buy Belemjian says there will be no limit on purchases of ammunition.

In February of 2019 if you want to buy a rifle or a shotgun you'll have to be 21. The same age limit now applies to sales of handguns.

"The number of 18, 19, and 20 year old's that purchase long guns, at least in the state of California, it's a very small percentage," said Belemjian.

He says anyone under 21 wanting to buy a rifle or shotgun will have to do so by January 20, 2019, and then be able to pick it up by the end of the month.

On January 1st bump stocks will be banned. They make it easier to fire a rifle quickly because they absorb the recoil of shots fired. "For California that means nothing, bumpstocks have been illegal in California since 1992, I think," said Belemjian.

Another new gun law in 2019 requires people applying to carry a concealed weapon take eight hours of training in firearm safety and handling.

They also have to pass a test that includes firing a gun at a target.

"The City of Fresno already requires eight hours and a live fire," said Belemjian. "There are, to my knowledge in this area, at least there are not any agencies that do not require a class."

The final two new gun laws permanently ban anyone convicted of domestic violence from owning a gun.

Anyone committed for a mental health issue more than once in a year and found to be dangerous to themselves or others will also be permanently banned from having a gun.

Six new gun laws for 2019, but gun owners have until next July before they face a new hurdle to buy ammunition.