Carbon Express

Carbon Express LogoCarbon Express® arrows have the most consistent spines in the industry. We’re also the only brand that now laser sorts its premium hunting shafts to ensure all the arrows in a set have the same spine tolerance. Guaranteed.Spine Consistencyisthe #1 factor in arrow performance. It’s why we use a tightly controlled, computerized manufacturing process and only the highest grades of carbon fiber for each shaft.

Carbon Express®laser checks each of our arrows for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch to make sure they meet the strictest straightness tolerances in the industry. And unlike most manufacturers, our straightness tolerances are maximum measurements, not merely averages.To take consistent performance to an even higher level, Carbon Expressutilizes a fully automated, electronic sorting system to precisely match the weight of each arrow in a boxed set.

Carbon Express CE 20811

UPC: 044734978112

SKU: HK-CE 20811

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