Chiappa Firearms

Ezechiele Chiappa founded Armi Sport in 1958. He was among the pioneers who gave life to the world of replica firearms. Active in the firearms industry since he was a boy, with his great passion for weapons and the support of his family, he set up his own business enduring great sacrifice.

In 1987 Rino Chiappa took over the management of the company giving a strong impulse in the commercial area and technology innovation.

Today the CHIAPPA GROUP is an industrial corporation including Armi Sport (replica firearms, target shooting, defense), Kimar (blank, signal and small caliber firearms), ACP (laser training system), Costa (metal surface treatment), Chiappa Firearms Ltd (USA branch in Dayton born to support with technical and commercial assistance the most important market for the Chiappa Group).

Chiappa Firearms DOUBLE BadgeR 22LR/410 19-inch Chiappa Firearms

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