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Hornady Manufacturer is one of the world’s leading innovators of bullets, ammunition, reloading tools and accessories. Hornady is known for consistently producing high quality products.  

Hornady Manufacturer has impressive product lines of ammunition and bullets.  The DGX (Dangerous Game eXpanding) bullet line has tough copper clad steel jackets and high antimony lead alloy core.  The DGX provides deep penetration.  Horanady FTX (Flex Tip Design) line makes the FTX safe in all tubular magazines and delivers controlled expansion across a broad range of velocities.  The mono-metal GMX bullet line delivers a devastating terminal performance across a wide range of velocities. The Hornady InterLock® delivers flat trajectories and great accuracy. Its tapered jacket allows for deep penetration and controlled expansion while the InterLock ring locks core and jacket together.  SST (Super Shock Tip) line is streamed line for ultra-flat trajectories.  These bullets contain a polymer tip for rapid expansion and maximum energy transfer.  The Superformance line increases rifle performance up to 200 fps without extra chamber pressure, recoil, muzzle blast, temperature sensitivity, fouling or loss of accuracy. Hornady TAP FPD line is supreme tactical ammunition designed to deliver reliable and consistent performance.  The V-Max line are varmint bullets.  These bullets have polymer tips and streamline design, which results in ultra flat trajectories.  They provide maximum accuracy at all ranges as well as explosive expansion.  Hornady XTP and XTP Mag bullets have heavy jackets, which stands up to the high pressures and velocities of the highest performance handgun.  The controlled expansion of the XTP and XTP Mag is 1.5x its original diameter over a wide range of velocities.  The Z-Max and Zombie Max are critical defense ammunition/bullets with ultra flat trajectories.




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Hornady Lock-N-Load Paper Targets .5 Inch Grid Pattern 100 Per Pack

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Hornady Lock-N-Load Targets  Black 10 pack

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