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Simmons manufactures high-quality, high-value riflescopes and binoculars.  They are known for producing products that are innovative and durable with enviable performance.  Simmons riflescopes and binoculars are built to last.

Simmons offers a range of riflescopes.  They have the 8-Point series that is affordable with more features than any other in its class.  For the serious hunter, there is the ProHunter series.  It delivers extremely clear and bright images.  The ProHunter is the perfect combination of superior, multi-coated optics and rugged reliability.   Simmons ProSport series is loaded with more features per dollar than any other scope out in the market. It has fully coated optics, QTA™ (Quick Target Acquisition) eyepiece, TrueZero™ windage and elevation adjustment system.  Simmons also offers the popular .22 MAG series of rimfire scope.

Simmon produces ProSport series of binoculars.  Like Simmons riflescopes, the binoculars are high quality, fully coated optics.  They deliver brilliant images with excellent contrast and the fullest detail possible. The ProSport binoculars are encased in tough and durable rubber armor, for a positive grip and added protection in any weather conditions.

Simmon also manufacture spotting scopes, rangefinders and trail cameras.  You will find that all their products are made with amazing quality and work like a dream.

Simmons Scope 4-32 Matte Clam

UPC: 045618605148

SKU: CH-SN560514

Price: $24.28


Simmons Scope 3-9X32 Matte Clam

UPC: 045618605247

SKU: CH-SN560524

Price: $31.90


Simmons 22 MAG 4X32 Rimfire Rifle Scope w/Rings, Truplex Reticle, Silver Matte 511033

UPC: 045618110338

SKU: HK-SIM 511033

Price: $34.06


Simmons .22 Mag Series Riflescope

UPC: 045618110222

SKU: RS-SM511022

Price: $35.76

In-Stock: 10+ - Available at warehouse ships in 1-2 weeks

Simmons Blazer 4X32 8-Point Rifle Scope Matte Black Truplex 1/4 MOA

UPC: 045618105143

SKU: GA-SIM510514

Price: $38.36

In-Stock: 4 - Available at warehouse ships in 1-2 weeks

Simmons Scope 3-9X50 Matte Clam

UPC: 045618605209

SKU: SS-105539

Price: $39.53


Simmons 8-Point 3-9X32 Matte

UPC: 045618105242

SKU: RS-SM510524

Price: $41.73

In-Stock: 10+ - Available at warehouse ships in 1-2 weeks

Simmons Boresight w/15 Stud Set

UPC: 045618014803

SKU: S801480

Price: $41.95

In-Stock: 1 - Colville Warehouse

Simmons Master Series ProSport 4-12x40 AO Riflescope 510484

UPC: 045618104849

SKU: CH-SN510484

Price: $42.16


Simmons Scope 3-9X40 Matte Clam

UPC: 045618605131

SKU: ZD-560513

Price: $46.50


Simmons SIM WTC432

UPC: 045618000240

SKU: SS-51628

Price: $49.05


Simmons WTC1420 Whitetail 1-4x 20mm Obj Black Truplex

UPC: 045618000257


Price: $50.38


Simmons 22 MAG 3-9x32 Truplex Rimfire Multicoated Riflescope w/ Rings, Black Matte - 511039

UPC: 045618110390

SKU: ZD-511039

Price: $51.10

In-Stock: 10+ - Available at warehouse ships in 1-2 weeks

Simmons 22MAG 3-9X32 with Rings Silver

UPC: 045618110376

SKU: ZD-511037

Price: $51.10

In-Stock: 10+ - Available at warehouse ships in 1-2 weeks

Simmons Master Series ProHunter 3-9x40 WA Riflescope, Truplex Reticle, Matte Black 517711

UPC: 045618177119

SKU: CH-SN517711

Price: $51.56


Simmons 22 MAG 3-9X32 Adjustable Objective Truplex Rimfire Rifle Scope Black Matte w/Rings

UPC: 045618110727

SKU: GR-34066704

Price: $53.59


Simmons 8-Point 3-9X50 Matte

UPC: 045618105198

SKU: CH-SN510519

Price: $54.12

In-Stock: 10+ - Available at warehouse ships in 1-2 weeks


UPC: 045618000288


Price: $56.85

This item is on order with the manufacturer

New Simmons Master Series ProSport 6-18x50 AO Truplex Reticle Matte Black Riflescope 510491

UPC: 045618104917

SKU: CH-SN510491

Price: $57.52


Simmons Blazer 3-9x40 Truplex Reticle Riflescope, Matte Black - Box Package 510513

UPC: 045618105136

SKU: ZD-510513

Price: $58.13

In-Stock: 10+ - Available at warehouse ships in 1-2 weeks

New Simmons Master Series ProDiamond 4x32mm Matte Black Shotgun Scope

UPC: 045618177935

SKU: HK-SIM 517793

Price: $58.34


Simmons ProSport 3-9x40mm Truplex Reticle Black Matte Riflescope 510481

UPC: 045618104818

SKU: SS-15183

Price: $59.01